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The Mer.chant is a charming sanctuary tucked away in one of the most iconic locations in the world. A place where time stands still as the joy of discovery is anticipated, embraced and savoured.

Named as a tribute to the owner’s family heritage – of being a fourth generation member of a prominent gem trading family – and the ancient trading hub that the port of Galle was known for, the Mer.chant boasts a colourful colonial past

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We bring the magic of the past into the present in a timeless place

Like the city it calls home, The Mer.chant embodies a vivid blend of history, from the 1600 through contemporary times. Parts of the building itself has evolved over the millennia, from a market place during the Dutch times featuring Sri Lanka’s traditional red clay-tile roofing, to a government office, to an archaeologically marked property within the Galle Fort. Today, the hotel’s refined interiors masterfully blend timeless elegance and contemporary comforts, inviting guess to a graceful journey across the eras.

Located down one of Galle Fort’s most prestigious neighbourhoods – Pedlar’s Street, lined with boutiques and cafes – the Mer.Chant is an incredible base from which you can explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mer.chant evokes the many moods of Galle and embodies the laidback way of life and the aura of the city

The intimate service and hospitality extends a discreet, one-on-one approach that says ‘no matter where you come from, at the Mer.chant you will always be embraced and welcomed.’